How To Find Yoga Teacher Jobs?

Best Ideas to find Yoga teaching Job abroad. Yoga teacher training course in India is a gateway to find Yoga Teacher Jobs Abroad ! Are you a new Yoga Graduate or Yoga Master Degree holder? Are you now ready to begin your yoga career? That’s great! Now what’s next? Wait a minute! We warn you to not make the same mistakes others do while applying for Yoga jobs. The study found that 90% of new Yoga Instructors are clueless and just apply without proper preparation. Whether you are applying to a yoga studio, Yoga school or travel job as Yoga Instructor, we suggest you do your homework.   Finding the right job is not difficult, when you understand the requirements correctly and apply with precautions. Learn and study to know the job requirements before applying. If you are not sure about what it is, then you can proceed ahead to contact the employer to ask about the job.   Choose your theme of teaching – Know your inner Yogi before applying to any types of yoga teacher job. Without interest and knowing about the right path, you cannot be a successful Yoga instructor or Yoga teacher. Only your dedication can help you achieve your dream job.

Here are some of the types of Yoga jobs and their requirements

Yoga Teacher for an urban studio – In almost every locality or market area, you will find a budding Yoga studio. Do you know what an employer expects from you? For a businessman or woman, It is just a business and they need someone who can run the centre and bring profit. But if you are applying for this type of job, note that people come for a basic yoga practice to be healthy and active. This means clients want fitness-based Yoga asanas and mixed fitness yoga practices. Teachers are expected to teach to meet the public demand. They are not looking to becoming a monk or Hatha yogi. If you understand that, be ready to add what style of Yoga you have mastered or can bring to their studio. 

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 Yoga Teacher for Therapy Centre – Many Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Therapy centres hire Yoga instructors to treat chronic diseases or use physical therapy based on Asana and Pranayama for treatment. Who can apply there? Note that Therapy Yoga is in high demand, but if you do not understand the requirement properly and just apply without right information, be ready to hear a “no”. Only a highly experienced and qualified yoga instructor, who knows about using Yoga Therapy for disease and using it to cure are accepted. Yoga Instructors who understand what yoga practices are applicable for therapy and how to treat the patients, who desire Yoga for therapy, are the right match. If you apply for a Therapy centre under a Yoga Alliance Certification, they require you to have taken courses that certify you as a Yoga for Therapy Practitioner.  

Yoga Teacher for Primary School – This job is the most profound and suitable for new Yoga teacher-practitioners, but kids require proper care and the right treatment. Applicants for this job need lots of energy and need to know how to teach kids with the utmost care. Yoga teachers applying for kids teaching should know what asana, chanting or pranayama are most suitable for kids. A strong understanding of the appropriate asanas for each age bracket is very important.   You need to understand children’s emotions, flexibility level and teaching tailored to their pace of learning.

Yoga teacher for Yoga teacher training programs – One of the most demanding job opportunities, this one opens many avenues for various Yoga style  practitioners and a successful career, if you are qualified. You may find Yoga teacher training schools around the world now and mostly in touristic places. It is important to do proper study before applying. This is one of the most interesting  job profiles for Yoga teachers of different specialties, and this is the right gateway for Yoga entrepreneurs.  

Travel Yoga Teachers – Another interesting job for a Yoga teacher is a Travel Yoga teacher. There are two sides of this working profile. First – As a Freelance Yoga travel teacher – You can work in a hotel or Yoga Retreat Centre or volunteer at countryside Ashrams. You can also organise your own Yoga workshops and classes around the travel community. Second – You are a part of Yoga centre or you operate a Yoga school which provides yoga teacher training at different locations in one country or multiple countries. If you are a freelance Yoga teacher and want to travel and do volunteering work, it is great way to learn and travel. If you want to be a part of a Yoga teacher training school who are present in many locations and run their season-based program at multiple locations, you will get good exposure teaching other students, who may also wish to become Yoga teachers. You also, sometimes, get to enjoy working in very touristic locations in the international environment.  

How to find Yoga Jobs in Other Country

Create a profile for further engagement within the Yoga community. Another bonus is if you’re a writer, they accept posts on all sorts of topics related to yoga, health and well-being to further promote your personal brand. Below are some more websites for finding yoga jobs.   Additional websites to find yoga jobs

  • com – Just got their site redone, worth checking out!
  • Yoga Trade – Paid site, but you get to know more Yoga job
  • info – Not yoga specific. Labor + Language immersion is common bonus here!
  • net – Offers all kinds of work exchanges, not only yoga jobs.
  • com – Yoga jobs and yoga studios for sale (mostly USA)
  • com – Yoga Jobs in India.
  • Linked In Jobs – Yoga Teacher

Requirements to Match Yoga Jobs – Supply and Demand

Don’t be over confident if you are an Indian Yoga teacher or your training comes from India. Learn as much as possible about the other place or country to where you are applying and know the demand and supply gap, so that you can match it with your abilities and certifications.   If you do not have all of the requirements, then get some more teaching experience. It has been often found that you may feel that you are the right match after glancing at the job’s requirements. However, if you do not see what the job is truly asking for, you may regret it later because you didn’t provide the skill sets they were looking for on your application. You need to carefully check the certification and skill set requirements of the posted teaching position. You may think you have already looked at the requirements, but you must pay really close attention. Here is an example of what happens when people don’t the check carefully the job’s requirements. Thirty people with a Yoga graduate degree applied for an Ashtanga Yoga teacher position. While communicating with employer, none of them had a clue that there are Ancient and Modern Ashtanga yoga practices. They all just talked during their interview about the 8 limbs of Yoga, but they forgot that they were applying to an International Yoga centre, where the modern Ashtanga Yoga series that is in high demand, is derived by K.Pathabhi Jois. This particular employer wants to hire someone who is knows Pathabhi Jois’ particular style.  

Certification required for Yoga Jobs abroad.

One of the most important requirements to find Yoga teacher jobs is certification. In India, the government accredited yoga centres run short term diploma programs. After getting your diploma at an accredited centre you can teach in India. However, what if you are applying Internationally? Other countries have yoga certification validation alliances and the most popular one is Yoga Alliance in the United States. Yoga studios in other countries will recognize your certifications based upon their specific Yoga alliance. The best advice is to check before applying to see if they accept an Indian yoga college certification or they want Yoga Alliance, USA or another Yoga Alliance accreditation. Most Yoga Teacher Trainings set under Yoga Alliance are: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali   There are also 500 Hour and 900 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. There are many schools that provide yoga teacher trainings across the globe. Choose your style and pursue your goals!   Read after Certification Question and Answer

Yoga Styles in Most Demand to Get Better Pay in Other Countries

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To get better pay, it’s important to find out what yoga styles are in demand and do short courses to get certified in them. You can join small workshops or month-long training programs to acquire these styles to your teaching skills.   It is an evolving world. There used to be a time when yoga was only accessible to Raja, the Kings or the King’s children. Now it is available to everyone. With the high   demand to learn and teach Yoga, it is also bringing competition for new styles. Every year, you may find there is a new yoga style with its unique benefits. For example, some popular modern Yoga styles are: Yin, Restorative, Acro, Aerial, Vinyasa flow, and Sup Yoga (Paddleboard).   Don’t get shocked and surprised when you hear about Naked Yoga, Beer and Goat yoga. These are also part of the popular yoga styles. These styles simply offer a way for you to possibly get better pay by knowing them.  

Minimum Wage of Yoga Teachers in USA

If you are applying for a Yoga studio job, note that there are many other recent graduates who are also struggling to find Yoga teacher work. Because Yoga   studios will only hire you based on your highly skilled expertise, and, Pay Per class won’t be more than 14 to 20 USD, give a thought if you need other work to support your life style. If you are working in a Retreat centre or in the hotel, the monthly  paid salary will be different along with tips.

Must know what to add in your CV to attract the Yoga employers

It is often found that people do not highlight their teaching skills or complete work experience. An employer who is looking to hire someone may not give more than 1 minute of time to your resume, if they don’t find something matching or interesting in what they want for their studio or place of business. Support yourself by mentioning that you know the specific Yoga style or training experience they are looking for. In addition, if you can do multiple styles, it will help to spark the employer’s attention to give thought to you while interviewing. The most important thing to remember is Yoga is practical practice – show your videos which match their requirements.  

What do you expect from yourself as Yoga Teacher?

Decide if you are a real Yogi? or more of a Person who is a Yoga instructor/ teacher. It is better to know what you want from your teaching and why you are a Yoga teacher. Your background plays a vital role. People value you for your work and your wisdom. Clear your purpose and note that, if you just want to make money because Yoga is in high demand, you may not be a successful Yoga teacher. Sharpen your skills to help others and yourself. If your goal is just making money from Yoga, then you are on the wrong path. You should choose another field. If you are a Yoga teacher, you are there to provide health and peace of mind. If you are focused too much on material pleasure without giving love, kindness, assistance, support, loyalty to others, you cannot instill those to others.  

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How to prepare yourself for Yoga teaching Job

To help you get one step closer to your dreams, we’ve put together 10 tips on how to find a yoga teaching job abroad! Be Ready with listed Contents

  • Find your niche as a yoga teacher (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Therapy, Meditation, Pranayama)
  • Sign up for YogaTrade (or similar)
  • Create an online presence – Linked In
  • Create a yoga teacher resume
  • Hyper focused Google search: “yoga teacher Job + (location)”
  • Become the yoga teacher for a hotel/hostel
  • Assist at a Yoga Retreat (or YTT)
  • Donation classes at your hostel
  • Networking to find yoga jobs abroad
  • Teach popup workshops

Networking to find yoga jobs abroad

Chances are, you’ll be finding places to practice as you travel. Be sure to network with studio owners and anyone else who could help you find a local teaching gig. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to lead you to opportunities. Maybe even find a mentor in the industry who can help connect you to more people.   Social media is also a great resource to help you meet others on a similar path. Check out articles written by fellow international instructors or find them on Instagram.   We recommend the Facebook group Yoga Jobs all Over The World. You can find yoga teaching jobs (literally) all over the world. #YogaJobsUsa #YogaJobsUk #YogaJobsBali #YogaJobsfrance #YogajobsIndia Instagram Follow Us – @mantrayogameditationschool Any more questions – email us – Follow to gets regular updates via Facebook Page – Mantra Yoga and Meditation School

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