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Yoga Teacher Training In India

Rooted in the Indian context of yogic sciences, we aim to provide the best yoga teacher training experience with an intensive approach for classical yoga in India. Our courses get designed, keeping in mind the appropriate duration and interests of every individual. Our Yoga school has the best yoga trainers around the world with unparalleled expertise in different styles of yoga. The yoga teacher training courses are registered under the Yoga Alliance- USA, and we provide international certification for 100-Hour, 200-Hour, and 300-Hour teachers training programs.

We attempt to provide you with the complete knowledge over Yogic sciences, and so we trace our theme over the symbol of “Sampoorna.” “Sampoorna” is a Sanskrit word that means complete, total, or absolute. Our courses carry the essence of acceptability from all the traditions and lineages across the world. Yoga Teacher Training India is known for its comprehensive approach in yoga training to deepen one’s yogic interests.

We are registered as a Yoga Alliance School, and therefore we offer international certification in yoga teacher training courses. The Yoga Alliance certification has a listing of teachers that meet the Yoga Alliance’s requirements for teaching experience and have completed the training at registered yoga school.

Yoga Teacher Training India
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Featured Yoga Training


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[trx_section align=”center” title=”Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India” subtitle=”Our 28 Days 200 Hour yoga teacher training course will help improve your physical,mental,emotional and spiritual well being, along exploring the world capital of Yoga city” animation=”fadeInUp”][trx_video url=”https://youtu.be/gpwe6lLq2nQ” top_rated_text=”Top rated” image=”1802″ css=”max-width: 630px; margin: auto;” height=”354″][/trx_section]
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200 Hour – 24 Days – 02nd to 25th Day of every month

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100 Hour – Part course – 10 Days – 02nd to 12th Day of every month

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300 Hour 26 Days – 02nd to 28th Day of every month

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You can find out more about life at Yoga Teacher Training India on our Social Media sites. Follow us on instagram or like us on facebook and we will keep you up to date with all things !


Mantra Yoga & Meditation school is a registered Yoga Alliance School.

Mantra Yoga School Logo

Mantra Yoga & Meditation school is registered as a Yoga Alliance School and therefore the school offers you an internationally-recognized credential. The Yoga Alliance Certification shows you have met minimum standards of yoga training. Through the listing on Yoga Alliance, you are able to teach yoga and connect with yoga schools and teachers and enhance your knowledge.


Kalpana Meena
Kalpana Meena
01:59 14 Jun 22
Hi! I joined beginner level prayanama (online) with Sarvottam sir in June’ 2022. The way sir integrated the theory of prayanama with the real practice fascinated me, this way I understood the nuances of Prayanama and practiced better. Not many focus on theory part, I loved how sir, focussed on both and stayed patient with me throughout exactly how a mentor pushes you to get better with slow but accurate steps.. I highly recommend this course with Sarvottam sir for his expertise, patience and humbleness. So grateful!read more
Alexandra Tunica
Alexandra Tunica
06:07 23 Mar 20
It’s a wonderful place full of great energy, with amazing people around. For everyone that is looking for answers, looking to grow their strength, bring balance to their life, learn more about yoga, socialize… Honestly you could not find a better place❤️ School takes cares of their students so much, you’ll see very safe over here. Also the location on a Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School is great, close to the mountains but still close enough to the center of you need some shopping, quiet and peaceful place 🥰🤗read more
Kristina Bobovnicka
Kristina Bobovnicka
10:36 09 Mar 20
Doing my 200 hour yoga & meditation teacher training course at the Mantra Yoga & Meditation School in Rishikesh is an experience I will never forget.I learned a lot about yoga, far beyond just the physical asana practice. We had a packed daily schedule including shatkarma, pranayama, ashtanga practice, philosophy, anatomy, alignment, vinyasa flow and meditation. But at the same time we had enough time to relax, see more of Rishikesh, and get to know others from our group.Every Sunday the school planned a fun trip to explore more of the surrounding areas, and we even had a dance party or two at the school which was a welcome change of pace during a wonderful but very challenging month.All of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and supportive (and understanding when we had a million questions about something) and great at teaching at a level we could all understand. I definitely have a lot more to learn but this was a great start of my journey.A huge thank you to not just the teachers, but also the management team for making everything run smoothly, the phenomenal kitchen staff for feeding us the most delicious (and healthy food), and our wonderful photographer for documenting this entire month.read more
Amy Leung
Amy Leung
19:12 31 Jan 20
I enrolled in the 200hr course in December 2019 and it was the best 28 days of my life. I absolutely enjoyed it. I had the schedule of my dreams: 6:00am- Shatkarma(cleansing)/ Pranayama(breath control) 7:00am- Vinyasa Flow 8:30am- Breakfast 9:15am- Philosophy 10:10am- Anatomy11:15am- Alignment12:30pm- Lunch4:00pm- Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow5:30om- Tea Break6:00pm- Meditation7:15pm- DinnerThis was something that I’d wanted to experience for the longest time and once I got to experience it, I did not want it to end. I just wanted to stay in India and be in yoga school forever. Everything that was offered at this school was beyond my expectations. The room I stayed in was huge and more than enough. The food was absolutely delicious and not to mention, healthy! I actually lost 5lbs on this trip. The kitchen crew are amazing and they take your requests into consideration. They really take care of you. I really liked the pancakes we had one time and I really wanted them again so I asked for them and I received them? YAYY!! I loved that when we were celebrating special occasions, there was a special menu for that day. I wish I could bring the cooks back home with me and have them as my personal chefs. I’ve been dreaming about the food since coming home. I loved that we were taken on field trips as well. I did not know that was part of the program and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that we would be taken to a temple, beach, park, experience a kirtan, and have a bollywood dance class. All the staff were so welcoming and friendly and the TEACHERS are hands-down the absolute BEST!!! They are all very intelligent,highly-skilled and trained, and know what they are talking about. The classes always flew by and I wished they were longer. It is located in a great location as well. There is a waterfall just outside of your room and it’s so calming to wake up to or sit next to outside on a break. There are many shops that are walking distance as well. My classmates were all like-minded beautiful souls as well and we all really bonded. I’ve never been so comfortable with a group of people in my life and I know that we will forever be connected. If you love yoga, meditation, and spirituality, this program is something that you must do. You just have to experience it for yourself. I would go back and take this course all over again in a heartbeat. The only con I have is that it’s too short! There’s still so much more to learn and 28 days is just not enough. Thank you Mantra Yoga & Meditation School for this experience. ~Namaste~read more
16:02 27 Dec 19
Amazing place to visit, my first time travel to India attend this Yoga Teacher training course and learn a lot different technique about Mantra Meditation and Spirituality Very enjoy whole training session Thank Youread more
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