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Yoga Teacher Training India

Rooted in the Indian context of yogic sciences, we aim to provide the best yoga teacher training experience with an intensive approach for classical yoga in India. Our courses get designed, keeping in mind the appropriate duration and interests of every individual. Our Yoga school has the best yoga trainers around the world with unparalleled expertise in different styles of yoga. The yoga teacher training courses are registered under the Yoga Alliance- USA, and we provide international certification for 100-Hour, 200-Hour, and 300-Hour teachers training programs.

We attempt to provide you with the complete knowledge over Yogic sciences, and so we trace our theme over the symbol of “Sampoorna.” “Sampoorna” is a Sanskrit word that means complete, total, or absolute. Our courses carry the essence of acceptability from all the traditions and lineages across the world. Yoga Teacher Training India is known for its comprehensive approach in yoga training to deepen one’s yogic interests.

We are registered as a Yoga Alliance School, and therefore we offer international certification in yoga teacher training courses. The Yoga Alliance certification has a listing of teachers that meet the Yoga Alliance’s requirements for teaching experience and have completed the training at registered yoga school.

Yoga Teacher Training India
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Featured Yoga Training

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General English Fluency

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Crash Course for Travelers

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Spanish Past Tenses Review

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Mantra Yoga & Meditation school is a registered Yoga Alliance School.


Mantra Yoga & Meditation school is registered as a Yoga Alliance School and therefore the school offers you an internationally-recognized credential. The Yoga Alliance Certification shows you have met minimum standards of yoga training. Through the listing on Yoga Alliance, you are able to teach yoga and connect with yoga schools and teachers and enhance your knowledge.


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  • 01st to 28th of Every Month

    100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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  • 01st to 28th of Every Month

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • $1100 / $1300
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  • 01st to 28th of Every Month

    300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • $1100 / $1300
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