200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Yoga in Goa With its picturesque beauty and mind-blowing beaches, Goa offers the most amazing place to unwind and relax. Many of us presume Goa to be an exotic holiday destination. However, this location offers the perfect atmosphere for learning multi-style yoga asanas in just 24 days only.

Yes, you heard it right! If you are a yoga for beginner and an enthusiastic learner or a passionate trainer or a holiday traveler, master your skills with 200 hours of multi-style yoga teacher training in Goa. Learn the various styles of yoga asana – Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Traditional style of yoga with props in the most relaxing environment; we train on a basic and advanced level of yoga with a focus to prepare you to become an independent yoga teacher around the world.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa 

This is a basic, yet an intensive yoga classes for those who want to deepen their knowledge of Indian yoga styles, learn about the history and philosophy, explore the yogic anatomy and understand the influence of different asanas on various parts of the human body. This yoga training program is especially for the one, who aspires a bright career in yoga and need appropriate international certification to run yoga training classes. However, any beginner, experienced or traveler are welcomed here.

What is 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa ?

About 24 Days 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa by Mantra Yoga School Goa

*For Beginners * Residential Training Course *International Certification *Small Group yoga teacher training in Goa *Low cost and most affordable 200 hour YTTC.

Yoga Teacher Training Goa
Best Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Why Learn Yoga in Goa?

Learning yoga can be blissful with the right training institute and the right location. There’s no other better place than getting trained by highly professional yoga teachers in the lap of nature. Goa provides the ideal landscape to unwind and train near the balmy beaches. It has the best yoga retreat that is set around the stunning gardens and beaches. If you need a break from your monotonous life schedule, while at the same time learn yoga in a tranquil and calm atmosphere, and then we are here to help you. Get your names added to the 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training Goa.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Goa is a coastal location. Summer is too hot and humid here with temperature touching around 40 degrees. The monsoons are quite rainy receiving three to five hours of sunshine in a day. You can smell the wet earth, but beaches are unsafe due to heavy rainfall. Winter is cool and comfortable with balmy cool breezes blowing through. The best time to visit in Goa is in between November and March, since the weather is beautiful here.

Common Highlights of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa - Mantra Yoga

Multi Style Yoga Program

Our 200 hours of Multi-style yoga classes is designed for beginners and professional yoga practitioners. Multi-style yoga practice features Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Traditional style of yoga with props.

What is special in our training program – You will learn Ashtanga yoga primary series Mysore and led style. Vinyasa flow yoga and Hatha yoga Pawan muktasana series I, II and III. adjustment and alignment of postures and how to lead a yoga classes.

  • The program runs for four weeks, it includes 32 Yoga Asanas, yoga philosophy, the human body, spirituality, and teaching methodology. Meditation and mantra chanting.
  • The program helps you learn about different Asanas of Ashtanga Yoga with proper alignment, variations, and modifications that can be done. If you want to become a confident teacher, it is very important to be flexible. Learn how to minimize the risk of injuries and Hands-on adjustments.
  • The Vinyasa Flow Teaching Methodology helps in correcting your teaching methodology. You will gain practice in teaching methods in 60 minutes every day. The program will help you to feel confident in teaching your peers.
  • There are 3 Asana Classes every day. Morning Asana -Vinyasa yoga flow or ashtanga yoga followed by meditation/pranayam/kriyas. Completion. Then, breakfast with anatomy and alignment classes. At 1.00 pm, you will have your lunch. In the afternoon, you will learn about proper posture and alignment and Evening is followed by hip opening, bending and Vinyasa Yoga Series. Dinner is served between 7.00 to 8.00pm.

Well-experienced trainers

We have highly experienced team of yoga teachers to awaken your deepest knowledge about Vinyasa yoga flow and Ashtanga yoga. Our trainers know how to make you flexible, so that you can perform yoga with confidence. We work on improving your health and skills. Our experts can train any novice beginners or enthusiastic yoga practitioners to become a qualified yoga teacher.

Friendly Learning environment

We own a private yoga retreat center near the beautiful beach of Arambol, North Goa. This is an incredible fisherman village, located approximately 90 minutes drive from the Dabolim Airport. Arambol is the greatest tourist attraction for foreigners, since it has a touch of Bohemian culture. We have yoga training center in Arambol to keep you alive and isolated from city life. If you enroll with 200 hours or 100 hours yoga program, we arrange a private room for every student, attached with separate Bath, Hot & Cold Shower, Wi-Fi, Washing machine to clean your laundry and Iron board to Ironing your cloth. We also have a laundry service on a pay per clothing. Or, else, you can bring your washing powder to use our free laundry services. We do not offer your toilet paper and toiletries.

Completely Vegetarian Food

We serve only vegetarian meal three times a day – Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. In the morning, a hot cup of herbal tea will be served to you. After that, you can have Fruits, Porridge, poha, Chila or sort of noodles as your breakfast. Your lunch and dinner includes rice, Chapati, Lentils, and Vegetables. On any special occasion, mixed vegetables with paneer are served, if you can skip it if you are completely on a vegan diet. This is a regular diet chart which will be served from Monday to Saturday. Sundays are different, the yoga retreat do not serve food. You are completely free to have food from outside and eat anything you want.

Get Fully Certified Course at the end

We are completely registered to the Yoga Alliance organization, which supports and verifies the authenticity of any yoga institution. All of the students who have completed the 200 hours or 100 hours yoga course will receive certification from the Yoga Alliance. This will help him/her to become a registered yoga teacher in India or abroad.

Facilities Available to the Students

Each and every student at Yoga Teacher Training in India is special. Since, most of students are from other countries, so we tried to reduce the burden with some amazing facilities.

  • Free Yoga manuals and books to read
  • Free yoga mat
  • 100% filtered drinking water
  • 24 nights accommodation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Study materials and course book
  • 1 Free Ayurvedic body massage
  • A couple of sightseeing tours on weekends. Last 2 Sundays of the program are free.
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Goa

How to do the registration?

Register for 200 hour yoga teacher training Goa program Agonda, South Goa here. Follow the link and submit the required filled in the registration form. We will soon get in touch with you. Call or email at Phone: +917428412108,  E-mail: mantrayogmeditation@gmail.com

Fee Payment Procedure

You will have to pay a portion of your fees before starting the course. Rest balance amount will be paid, once you reach the yoga retreat center in Goa. Pay 25% of tuition fee as registration fee, which is non-refundable. And, 75% of the total at the reception desk. We accept all types of credit, debit and online transactions. School reserves all the rights to cancel a registration if you are unable to pay the balance amount on arrival.

Cancellation Policy

Advance deposit is Non-refundable but transferable within a Year from the date of enrollment.(Condition applied*) The condition of transfer to another course is – You can be transferred to any other month course if there is availability. For transfer, you need to submit a notice one month earlier. If we receive any cancellation within 4 weeks, due to any reason, it will not be accepted and advance deposit will be forfeited.

How to Reach Us?

We suggest you to reach us through convenient option. Four different mediums of communications are there.

International and Domestic Airport – We are located in Arambol, North Goa, which is 90 minutes drive from Dabolim International Airport (GOI). For people who are travelling internationally, they are most likely to stop by Mumbai. However, some countries have direct flight to Dabolim Airport. Indian Airlines have direct flight from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. From Dabolim Airport you can book private cab or ask for shuttle pick up facility with additional charges.

By Road – Arambol beach is located at 35.7 kilometers north of Panaji along Querim- Arambol-Agarwada road. It is connected to NH17A with Maharastra and Karnataka. If you will travel to Arambol via, a minimum of one hours and fifteen minutes is compulsory.

By Train – Goa has two main railway station called as Margao and Vasco da Gama.  These two stations are connected are directly to Bangalore, Belgaum, Hospet and Hyderabad. You can catch trains to Goa from Mumbai, Delhi and Agra as well. From railway station you can book cab or catch local buses to reach Arambol.

By Bus – You can take bus from Panaji to Arambol on every thirty minutes. Arambol has a separate bus stand on the main road, from where you can get direct buses. There are regular bus service to Mumbai, Banglore,  Hampi and other destinations from Kadamba Bus Stand at Panaji.

Arrival Information

Reach the Arambol yoga retreat center one day before. We offer a complementary accommodation before the commencement of our yoga program.

Visa Information

If you are a foreign candidate, we suggest you apply for E-Tourist visa only.  YTT do not accept any other visa, except the tourist visa. And if you are applying for E-Tourist Visa then apply at least 20 Days in advance. For applying (Visa on Arrival ) known as – Etourist Visa then refer this link https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What to bring?

You should pack set of comfortable clothings with you. Keep all your essentials that you use to carry while you travel with you, Check whether you have packed your shampoo, soap, toothbrush, paste or other things. Carry a set of flip flop to walk on the sand in your leisure time. Warm clothes, raincoat, umbrella are important to have. Pack torch, alarm clock, books that you wish to read, sunscreen and mosquito repellant cream.

  • If I am foreign traveler, do I need to vaccine myself?

Yes, you have to take some vaccination against some life-threatening diseases that spreads through air, water, food, mosquitoes and others. The CDC and WHO recommends foreign travelers to get vaccine to Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Cholera, yellow Fever, Meningitis, Polio, Measles, influenza, Chickenpox, Pneumonia, and more. Taking vaccines before coming to India can reduce the effect of many diseases.

  • What are the most common books to read?

Patanjali Yog Sutra (Ashtanga Yoga) Yoga Mala by K.Patabhi Jois, Four Chapter of Freedom by Bihar School of Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradipika from Bihar School of Yoga, Asana Pranayama,Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati – by Bihar School of Yoga. Light on Pranayama by B.K.S. IYENGAR, Light on Yoga – B.k.s Iyenger , Anatomy by David Keil and Leslie Kaminoff… Meditation from the Tantras – Bihar School of Yoga, Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vasudeva Nanda – Bihar School of Yoga. Ancient Sages by Swami Satyamayananda  -Advita Ashram Kolkata.

If you have any question in mind, you are free to ask us.

Submit all required field and send to us at mantrayogmeditation@gmail.com

For further queries, you can call us at –

Phone: +917428412108

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